Sustainable Communities Award (Junior)

Sustainable Communities Award

Overall Winners in Junior Category

Lu Yixin, 18, Student of River Valley High School

A Land Where No Ghosts Roam

In December 2016, I visited the soon to be demolished Rochor Centre. By then, majority of the residents had already moved out. However, there were still some residents that chose to remain, the light from their windows being the only signs of life in an otherwise empty estate.

Sustainable Communities Award

Merit Winners in Junior Category

Woon Rae, 15, Student of School of the Arts

A Different Kind of Family

A Different Kind of Family explores how people from different backgrounds and cultures come together as a community and family in their unique ways. All communities face challenges, and it is the responsibility of each person within the community to work together and ensure that everyone feels safe, united and integrated in a system that serves each individual. This collection of photos feature shots from various different countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, India and Thailand.

Oliver Edward Mark Ogden, 17, Student of Tanglin Secondary School

Sustaining the Rich Culture of Asia

My body of work aims to convey sustainability through typical and often historical practises throughout the South East Asia Sub-continent. Whether it be from tourism, fishing or the conservation of wild animals, Asia’s rich culture manages to preserve its beauty while maintaining their environment which is what my images hopefully manage to capture!