Sustainable Cities Award (Youth)

Sustainable Communities Award

Overall Winner in Youth Category

Woong Soak Teng, 24, Student of Nanyang Technological University

Some Pictures of Representation

These are pictures of pictures and representations of representations. Observing the fabrication of nature imagery in Singapore, nature as a social construct becomes self-evident. This attempt to make sense of how nature exists as simulacra has made the world a little more senseless.

Sustainable Communities Award

Merit Winners in Youth Category

Adar Ng Ai Qing, 24, Student of Nanyang Technological University

We No Longer Follow The Stars

We leave the lights on while the city sleeps. Throughout the night, the lights serve as an unwavering support. With the privilege to keep them on, we diminish the need for our celestial guides, polluting the night sky with light.

Dave Lim Wei Jing, 24, Student of Yale-NUS College

The State of Nature

The State of Nature is an investigation into how we think of nature in Singapore. Between pruning it, eating it and admiring it, we are surrounded by our relationships with nature. The work reads as series of diptychs to question the relationships and the boundaries and categories that we create to relate with nature. These categories such as ‘green’, ‘grey’ and ‘nature’ can then questioned and understood from there.