Sustainable Cities Award (Junior)

Sustainable Communities Award

Overall Winner in Junior Category

Klaus Tan Yihong, 18, Student of Anglo Chinese School

Space Sustainable

Sustainability means that our rate of consumption is lesser than our rate of resource production – social and economic progress are the end rewards. This project, shot exclusively within Singapore, features 5 microcosms representing the spaces we spend our life in – housing spaces, relaxation spaces, work spaces, transportation spaces and city spaces. Each photograph tells a unique story of how the featured element contributes towards sustainable living in Singapore, and emphasises the beauty of adopting a sustainable style in city development.

Sustainable Communities Award

Merit Winners in Junior Category

Vanessa Lim Zhi Yi, 17, Student of Raffles Institution

Topology of a City

This photo series shows a different side of the city: one where density can be beautiful, urban spaces can be simple, humble and functional, and solitary, lonely lights can be found in the quiet corners of the city. In embarking on this journey to see the city in a different light (literally at times), I venture beyond the central business district into the heartland, the suburb, the parts of the city where another side of urban life resides.

Joash Lee, 15, Student of Anglo Chinese School

The Evolving World

The world is constantly evolving. Old things constantly become outdated, with new things taking the lead. Inventing sustainable designs is crucial to remaining at the top of the game. I have curated a series of photographs that showcase the evolution of times, featuring sustainable designs throughout the world. These photographs were taken in various renowned cities – Singapore, Hong Kong and Finland, and depict both old and modern designs that have proven to be sustainable.