Junior Category

Junior Category

Overall Winner in Junior Category

Kate lu, 18, Student of Raffles Institution (JC)

Lights after Dark

In this series of photographs, I capture transient moments of the city after dark, starkly lit by streetlights or fluorescent tubes that shine unwavering throughout the night. Observing soft spheres of light that gradually diffuse into the darkness, I marvel at how humans have managed to light up our world to our own liking, illuminating our everyday environs to make them just a tad more dreamlike and extraordinary. Though captivating in their endless glow, the seemingly infinite hum of these lights nevertheless provoke thought about their sustainability and light pollution, reminding us of our constant negotiations between preserving the beauty of the natural environment and shaping our surroundings to suit our convenience and desires.

Junior Category

Merit Winners in Junior Category

Janson Lim, 14, Student of Temasek Junior College

Working With Nature

Educating people on how our environment works is incredibly important. it allows people to feel a deeper bond with nature, resulting in them caring more about issues like climate change. Cultivate Central brings people closer to nature through their belief in a "grow your own" culture. They aim to help people make and grow food regeneratively, in addition to teaching how to work with soil and composting. This reduces the environmental impact of our food production which is one way to address climate change. This series of photos shows how through small actions, we can work towards a sustainable future.

Jomel Goh, 18, Student of School Of the Arts Singapore

Echoes Of The Core

Human society has succeeded in advancing technologies and mass production at the cost of creating an environmental crisis. The need to reduce activities that harm the natural environment has never been more important. Echoes of the core is a series of staged photographs featuring a sequence of human body parts. They consist of the feet, hands, eye, and ear which appear to be in contact with soil but in its photography process is divided by a manufactured acrylic sheet. Soil as the start of the ecosystem is used as a symbol of the natural environment. Soil is also the origin of the cycle; it facilitates the growth of plants which animals eat, which humans eat and eventually decompose into, in turn feeding the plants again. These images express the intimate relationship between humans and the natural environment and the need to coexist in harmony.