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The SYPA 2018 Open Call has ended

Thank you for submitting to the Singapore Young Photographer Award 2018 Open Call. The results will be announced in June 2018 via email notification.

Contest Details


You can choose to submit your Body of Work under either of these two age groups (Junior and Youth), and with two themes to choose from:

What does a ‘sustainable city’ look like to you? This category delves into the places and spaces we create, including our homes, schools, parks, neighbourhood, shopping malls, and recreational areas. The work could look at condition and efforts in prolonging use of places and infrastructure, means of transportation, buildings, technology and urban spaces that are designed and built in a more sustainable manner.

The works should inspire people to think about how cities can have a positive impact on societies and the environment.

Cities are hubs for ideas, commerce, culture, science, productivity, social development and much more. However, many challenges exist to maintaining cities that continue to foster vibrant, thriving and prosperous communities, while conserving the environment and shared resources. What comes to mind when you think of ‘sustainable communities’ and why is there an urgency to ensure these communities are ready for the future?

The work could explore the various relationships and values people have with societies and the environment around them.


Public Exhibition Showcase for SYPA 2018’s Winning Entries

On top of a total of $16,200 cash prizes, SYPA 2018 Winners’ works will be exhibited at DECK, 120A Prinsep Street.

CategoryAwardJunior (13-18 yrs old)Youth (19-25 yrs old)
Sustainable CitiesWinner (1)$2,000$2,500
Merit (2)$800$1,000
Sustainable CommunitiesWinner (1)$2,000$2,500
Merit (2)$800$1,000
School SubmissionsWinner (1)$1000 worth SIPF School Photography Education Workshop vouchers


Sustainable Cities Award and Sustainable Communities Award

Submit your Body of Work that answers to any one of the categories. You are also allowed to submit to both categories. Do explore the themes creatively in any photography genre. Your Body of Work should comprise not more than 20 images.
Please read the full set of Terms & Conditions here before submitting your works online.

Submission is Closed